Chin Up

an extra poster idea for FMP


Rep' Wiv Respect

Brand identity for my Final Major Project.
I'm creating a campaign aiming to encourage a bit of neighbourly respect among teenagers.




Two Idents made to be seen before and after an ad break of 'Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares' using 'Bounty' as a sponsor.


One of a set of three posters advertising 'bottled, sparkling, spring water'. I chose this product at random as part of a one-week project. We had to create these posters each with a different tone of voice, in order to understand and approach targeting methods... this one is for a 'luxurious' tone of voice.

Bigger Is Better?

A poster designed to promote The Telegraph paper. This was one of a set of three which made up my contribution of a group project. I wanted to suggest that the size of the newspaper is beneficially bigger as you get more info crammed in... and more space for your chips after you've read it..

For The Lads

Where it all started...

Final posters for a YCN brief in '09... trying to target young men to shop at asos.com. I came up with the slogan 'For The Lads' which I carried through my self initiated project shown below. The tagline I came up with is 'Accessible. Admirable. Affordable'... speaks for itself :)